GPS tracker: the advantages of geolocation


More and more companies equip their vehicle fleet with geolocation because this kind of equipment has become very picky. Able to be integrated into phones, tablets and dedicated devices to be set up in vehicles, the GPS tracker offers more powerful features than ever. What are the benefits of geolocation? Focus.

Control and limit abuse

The geolocation of vehicles is an excellent means of surveillance. In business, the number of abusive use of a service car (not to be confused with a company car) is very high. Many employees minimize the impact while this kind of abuse has real repercussions in terms of various fees and costs for the company.

In the private context, setting up a geolocation device on a vehicle allows it to be tracked. This is essential to prevent theft and to act quickly in the event of a breakdown. It indicates the exact position of the vehicle in order to dispatch a repairman on the spot.

Still with this monitoring in mind, a geolocation system is also used to calculate the working hours of drivers. Indeed, the device concerns a history of trips made over a given period. Of course, it will be necessary to bet on a material which makes the difference between the stopping time of the vehicle and the time where it is moving. The actual working time of employees will be calculated accordingly.

Optimize responsiveness and reduce customer waiting time

In the professional context, equipping a vehicle with geolocation boosts the responsiveness of the teams. Let’s take the example of a client who needs an emergency benefit. In a few seconds, the fleet manager accesses the list of sales representatives or technicians who are in the intervention zone. The customer will then be taken care of as soon as possible, which undoubtedly improves his customer experience. As a reminder, a quality experience is ideal for customer relations .in the long term and paves the way for new business opportunities. According to Antoine Moreau, expert at Ipsos Loyalty, the waiting time is an irritating factor for the customer. Of course, the quality of the support is what matters most, but the customer will be more satisfied if he is quickly taken care of.

With this in mind, equipping each vehicle with a geolocation system is also synonymous with saving time. Indeed, thanks to the location of the exact position of the vehicle, each driver can be informed in real time of the best routes to avoid traffic jams. On the other hand, the system also makes it possible to better guide a driver who needs help. In the event of a breakdown, knowing its exact position considerably speeds up troubleshooting.

Anticipating thefts

On average, a car is stolen in France every 4 minutes in France, i.e. more than 260 vehicles per day according to figures published by the Ministry of the Interior in 2018. Admittedly, these figures have seen a slight drop compared to those of previous years, but they remain colossal. Many individuals are victims of this, but companies are no exception either.

It is therefore preferable to install a geolocation solution on each vehicle to get a head start on thieves. The alarms are triggered first as soon as the thief takes possession of the vehicle. But many thieves bypass alarm devices out of experience. Thus, in the event of an actual theft, the exact position of the vehicle will be located in a few seconds and the police can intervene quickly. And the faster the vehicle is recovered, the more likely it is that it will still be in good condition.

Moreover, most insurance companies require that all company vehicles be equipped with a GPS tracker. The insurance rates offered are then lower since finding the car avoids insurers having to pay heavy compensation. And of course, they require a specific quality of the geolocation solution installed on the vehicles:

Real-time tracking

Operational 24/7 without interruption

Certificate of conformity by the service provider


A vehicle equipped with geolocation is a real asset for companies. This localization solution also offers many advantages for individuals. In any case, the choice is very wide in this area and the equipment available on the market is more efficient than ever. It remains only to decide on the type of GPS tracker.

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