How to estimate the selling price of your car?


How do I estimate the price of my car? An essential question to which it will be necessary to find an answer before looking for a buyer. It is a rather delicate operation, because the criteria to be taken into account are of various orders. Even more delicate because the calculation tools on the Internet often contradict each other. To help you in this task, we explain some methods to estimate the selling price of your car.

Factors to consider when estimating the sale price

In order to  sell your car well , it is important to set the price beforehand. Certain elements must be taken into account in this exercise.

The car model

The value of the car can drastically vary depending on the quality and rarity of the model. Likewise, the popularity and demand that the car is experiencing can dramatically affect the price. In other words, a very private vehicle by customers will obviously cost more compared to a less sought-after model.

The engine of the car

The type of  fuel  that the car consumes (petrol or diesel) and also the engine power are important elements in determining the price of a car. For an identical model, the selling price will be very different depending on these elements.

The age of the vehicle

This is an essential factor to know the price of a car. To calculate the price, you must take into account the date of the first entry into circulation. This date is indicated on the registration certificate. From the first year, a car loses between 20 to 30% of its original value. You still have to add 10% reduction for each additional year. Beyond ten years, the price will necessarily experience a very sharp drop, regardless of the condition and the mileage.

Vehicle condition

For this criterion, the maintenance of the car will be decisive. The general condition of your  vehicle  will affect its price. Hence the importance of taking good care of your car.

Beyond these main elements, the estimate will also be based on the equipment with which the car is equipped. Indeed, the value of it does not only depend on the model, the mileage, the engine or even the general condition. For example, desirable accessories and options increase the value. In short, the better equipped the car, the more you can sell it for a good price.

Both buyers and sellers therefore pay attention to certain characteristics of the car. It may for example be a metallic paint. If the bodywork is in good condition and if nuance is still in fashion. A car with a sunroof can also be a bit more expensive than a car with a regular roof. If a GPS is integrated, it is an asset, because it is an almost essential option these days on vehicles of a certain level.

An automatic gearbox, leather seats, side airbags, reversing radar, central door locking, air conditioning, emergency braking assistance, or even voice control are all parameters that can influence the selling price of your vehicle.

How to estimate the selling price by yourself?

If you want to estimate your car yourself, there are many possibilities. Once you know these possibilities, it is convenient for you to use them according to your needs.

Online automotive dimensioning tools

The simulators offered online are quite easy to use when it comes to estimating the price to sell your car. The procedure to follow is clearly explained in these sites. However, from one site to another, it is very common to see considerable differences in the prices displayed. Especially since the models are not listed. In reality, a dimension is simply a working basis. It does not in itself answer the question: “How much is my car worth?” “. In general, the significant difference between the results is explained by the fact that each site sometimes uses its own calculation methods.

Le benchmark

It is possible, from a dimension, to define a selling price. To do this, simply compare your car with other opportunities on the market. To find them, you can consult online classified ads or those published in specialized newspapers. It is important to choose cars corresponding to the model, age, engine, condition and mileage.

Use a professional to estimate the price of your car

For more security, it is also possible to call on the expertise of a professional to find out the value of your vehicle. He can be a dealer, a mechanic, or a broker specializing in the field. These professionals will be able to estimate the value of the car. They will then be able to offer you a price according to the market after a careful check. This method will allow you to see more clearly.

It should be noted, however, that the price of a car set by a professional is often quite low. The explanation is simple. This professional relies on the value indicated by the rating of Argus. He also applies a reduction corresponding to his costs as well as penalties for each defect noted. Therefore, if you opt for a direct recovery by this same professional, it will be with the risk of a loss of earnings. However, with this option, your steps will be facilitated and you will not need to pass a recent technical control.

To sum up, there are many possibilities if you want to estimate the price of your car. Online sites offer their service. You can also do the  benchmark  to compare your vehicle with others that have identical characteristics. In addition, the professionals, with their expertise, can be useful in drawing up an estimate of the price.

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