The electric winch: an essential lifting tool


Electric winches are effective lifting equipment for moving or lifting heavy objects. They are therefore very useful in different fields such as industry, logistics, but also in a private setting. The real objective of this tool is to reduce the physical effort required of its user when the latter has to handle heavy loads. What are the features of this device? How does it work and what are its benefits? The answers in this article.

The characteristics of a winch and its use

An electric winch, unlike a conventional model, is equipped with an electric motor. But the other components are more or less the same, namely the frame, the drum and the mounting system. Versatile, it is used in several sectors, as mentioned above. 12-volt electric winches , for example, are more suitable for the transport sector. We notice it more mainly on all-terrain vehicles in order to tow another vehicle or to extricate oneself from sand or mud, among other things.

The more powerful models, on the other hand, are used in industry, among others. This sector uses this type of device as a production or maintenance tool. It is therefore used to wind cables, tow a machine or a platform or set up a conveyor arm.

In a construction site and in public works, the winch is generally used to mount a more powerful lifting system. The case is the same in the maritime, river and even land sector. In the field of the environment , this equipment is used in particular to skid wood.

For work in mines, such a tool can be used to design a system for extracting, pumping or conveying minerals.

How an electric winch works

The operation of an electric winch has differences compared to its other versions, but is more similar to a mechanical winch. It is equipped with an electric motor generally having a power of 1000 watts in order to drive a drum. Depending on the intended use, users have the choice between three versions:

The 12 volt electric winch;

The 24 volt electric winch;

The 220 and 230 volt electric winch.

Practical and ergonomic, this is equipment that is generally controlled via a wired or radio remote control.

The benefits of using an electric winch

The electric winch has several advantages, namely:

Increased productivity and performance : with a minimum of manual work, a worker can handle heavy objects in record time.

Versatility : this type of handling device can perform vertical and horizontal movements. They can lift and lift alternately.

The low noise level : compared to other types of winch, an electric model is much less noisy.

Durability : An electric winch is also more robust and can be used for several successive years.

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