How to cancel car insurance?


Canceling your auto insurance policy is usually a straightforward process. You’ll contact your car insurance provider, complete the necessary paperwork, pay the fees, and you’re done. You can cancel your auto insurance at any time, but be aware of when you shouldn’t cancel your policy. Even if you don’t drive much, auto insurance is required.

Consider alternatives to canceling your auto insurance

Pausing your car insurance , keeping your policy but making it inactive for a while, or reducing your coverage may be the best option if you plan to start driving your car again at some point in the future. If you are traveling abroad for a while, for example, but are not selling your car, suspension may be the right solution. You will need to store your car in a safe place (not on the street) and obtain proof that it is not in use. Some insurers allow you to keep comprehensive insurance while you are not using your car, but waive liability.

Notify your former auto insurance provider

Notify your old auto insurance company when you want to cancel your policy. You can do this by e-mail or by telephone. You can also go in person to your local insurance company office (if it has one) to cancel your policy, but an email or phone call is usually enough. For information, auto insurers sometimes require a 30-day notice of cancellation. This will likely be detailed on the declaration page of your auto insurance policy. Depending on your car insurance company, they may ask you to fill out a car insurance cancellation form. Fill it out and send it back as soon as possible. The agent you work with should inform you of the time limits for returning the cancellation form

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